Covid19 Guidelines: What we follow at the TTC Academy to ensure safety

As India battles the second wave of Covid 19, we at the TTC Academy have prioritized the well-being of our faculty and students as well. The academy is temporarily shut down, but we do aim to resume once the Government grants us permission to do so. However, we aim to follow all protocols that we have had in place since the first wave in 2020. As a community that cares for its members more than anything, we understand the worries parents will have regarding the safety of their children in visiting the academy once the lockdown has been lifted. We request every parent to ensure they are vaccinated, and once it is allowed, to vaccinate their children as well at the earliest. Having spoken to officials from the Government, health experts, doctors, and our resident fitness experts and coaches, we shall be introducing the following set of rules and regulations to ensure our students, teachers and members stay safe and sound. 1. Compulsory sanitization and temperature checks It is the

The TTC Cricket Academy Guide: How to stay physically fit during the Second Wave

  With India currently, in the middle of the second wave of the Covid 19, it is important for us to stay mentally and emotionally fit. At the TTC Cricket Academy, we believe you not only need to mask up, vaccinate and maintain social distancing but it is also equally important to stay physically fit and ensure your body is in the best shape. The following exercises have been prepared in consultation with our resident coaches and experts at the TTC Cricket Academy and can be done by anyone. Parents and children, both can benefit from these exercises and they can be done at any point of the day. In these difficult times, it is mandatory to ensure we stay as healthy as possible and these exercises will go a long way to help you do just that. So without further ado, let’s see what check out the suggestions from our experts: 1. Lunges Forward, lateral and walking lunges are all-time favorite exercises for anyone who has taken fitness seriously, and our experts agree. It strengthens